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International Quality Standards
Medical Pin Index Valve - CGA940 CARBON DIOXIDE
Medical Pin Index Valve - CGA940 CARBON DIOXIDE
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O-Ring Seal Technology for all Medical Gases

Straight, Parallel Threads for Aluminum Cylinders
NGT Tapered Threads for Steel Cylinders

All Harrison valves are produced to meet or exceed the highest US and international standards; including ISO 10297 and CGA V-9. Harrison Valves™ are rigorously tested through a robust quality assurance system, and Harrison Valve™ maintains carefully monitored manufacturing processes to ensure that all Harrison valves meet or exceed design and performance specifications.

  • O-ring seal technology provides superior leak integrity.
  • Easy operation under all pressures.
  • Protective and attractive chrome plated finish.
  • 100% leak testing on entire production.
  • Meets and exceeds CGA V9 and ISO 10297.
  • Passed stringent adiabatic oxygen compression testing per ISO 10297.
  • All valves bagged and tagged for oxygen service per CGA G4.1.
  • All valves pre-drilled to accept aftermarket toggle device.
  • All straight thread inlet valves are supplied with cylinder sealing o-ring.
Part number P940-4-1-3360 designed with CGA940 pin index outlet for Carbon Dioxide service, 1/2 NGT Inlet for steel cylinders, 3360PSI safety for 2015PSI cylinders, CG1 Safety Disc
Specifications and Optional Features
All valves are supplied with safety relief devices as specified by the Compressed Gas Association Standard S1.1. Safety relief devices are hex plug style CG-1 devices. All valves are supplied with rupture discs rated for cylinders with a service pressure
Part Number CGA Designation Gas Service Inlet Thread Size Safety Device Service / Safety
P940-4-1-3360 CGA940 Carbon Dioxide 1/2 NGT CG-1 2015PSI / 3360PSI
P940-3-1-3360 CGA940 Carbon Dioxide .750-16UNF2A CG-1 2015PSI / 3360PSI
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