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Vertical Outlet Acetylene Cylinder Valve - CGA510 Acetylene Service
Vertical Outlet Acetylene Cylinder Valve - CGA510 Acetylene Service
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O-Ring Seal Technology for all Acetylene Gase Service

Tapered, NGT Threads for Steel Cylinders

All Harrison valves are produced to meet or exceed the highest US and international standards; including ISO 10297 and CGA V-9. Harrison Valves™ are rigorously tested through a robust quality assurance system, and Harrison Valve™ maintains carefully monitored manufacturing processes to ensure that all Harrison valves meet or exceed design and performance specifications.

  • O-ring seal technology provides superior leak integrity.
  • Easy operation under all pressures.
  • 100% leak testing on entire production.
  • Meets and exceeds CGA V9 and ISO 10297.
  • All valves bagged for cleansiness no matter the gas service intended.
  • Lower plugs are designed specific for the gas service intended.
  • Common design handwheels readily available.
Part number A510-6-0 designed with CGA510 outlet for acetylene service, 3/4 NGT Inlet for steel cylinders, no safety device.
All AV510 series valves are supplied without a safety device. All A510 series valves are to be used in manifolds or in conjunction with a fusible metal CG3 plug when utilized in a large acetylene cylinder.
Part Number CGA Designation Gas Service Inlet Thread Size Safety Device Service / Safety
AV510-6-0 CGA510 (Vertical) Acetylene 3/4 NGT No safety device No safety device
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