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OMNI Valve Integrated Medical Valve and Regulator
OMNI Valve Integrated Medical Valve and Regulator
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All-In-One Medical Valve and Regulator
Solid One Piece UNI-Body design

Straight and Tapered Threads for Aluminum and Steel Cylinders
25LPM, 15LPM and 4LPM Flow Options

The OMNIValve by Harrison Precision Valve Products, is a revolutionary and compact integrated medical valve and regulator (All-In-One) system designed for all medical applications. The OMNIValve, like all Harrison products, exceeds the highest international standards for performance and reliability and exceeds ISO 10297, CGA E-18 and CGA V-9.

  • OMNIValve is machined from solid brass into a one piece UNI-Body design for strength and years of service.
  • User can initiate flow with a simple turn of the positive click liter flow dial. OMNIValve liter per minute flow is top of the class at +/- 10% accuracy by independent testing laboratories.
  • All models are supplied with a barb and 50PSI constant flow DISS outlet.
  • The check valve port is pressure operated with a standard soft tip CGA540 hand tight filling adaptor. Purging, evacuation and fill is accomplished with the single connection.
  • Ergonomically designed carry handle simplifies lifting and cylinder handling, meets drop tests, and protects the regulator body and gauge from damage.
  • Passed stringent adiabatic oxygen compression testing per ISO 10297. All regulators pass the ASTM G175 ingnition tests.
  • All OMNI valves are bagged and tagged for oxygen service per CGA G4.1.
Part Number OMNI-3-4-3360-25 is an OMNI Integrated Valve and Regulator with .750-16UNF2A inlet, 25LPM and 50PSI DISS outlet
Specifications and Optional Features
All valves are supplied with safety relief devices as specified by the Compressed Gas Association Standard S1.1. Safety relief devices are flush style CG-4 devices backed by 165 F fuse metal. All OMNIValves are supplied with rupture discs rated for cylinders with a service pressure of 2,015 psig.
Part Number CGA Designation Liter Per Minute Inlet Thread Size Safety Device Service / Safety
OMNI-3-4-3360-25 CGA540 Oxygen 25 LPM .750-16UNF2A CG-4, 165F Fuse 2015PSI / 3360PSI
OMNI-3-4-3360-15 CGA540 Oxygen 15 LPM .750-16UNF2A CG-4, 165F Fuse 2015PSI / 3360PSI
OMNI-3-4-3360-4 CGA540 Oxygen 4 LPM .750-16UNF2A CG-4, 165F Fuse 2015PSI / 3360PSI
OMNI-4-4-3360-25 CGA540 Oxygen 25 LPM 1/2 NGT CG-4, 165F Fuse 2015PSI / 3360PSI
OMNI-4-4-3360-15 CGA540 Oxygen 15 LPM 1/2 NGT CG-4, 165F Fuse 2015PSI / 3360PSI
OMNI-4-4-3360-4 CGA540 Oxygen 4 LPM 1/2 NGT CG-4, 165F Fuse 2015PSI / 3360PSI
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